Dynamic Garage Door Repair and Installation

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Residential Garage Doors

We have sevarl services available for residential garage doors: garage door repair and installation, as well as garage door opener repair and installation.

Residential Garage Door Repair:

The hardware of residential garage doors consists of panels/sections, springs, tracks, cable drums, rollers, end/bearing plates, and cable drums. All of these parts need repair after they wear out. For example, broken springs are the most common garage door issue. Broken springs occur depending on how much the garage door is used, not on how old they are. At this time, the springs need replacement. If you have a double door, both springs will need replacement. If you have a single door, you will need to replace one spring. Broken cables are another common maintenance issue. They may get rusty when the bottom bracket gets wet from rain. If your door has problems opening and closing smoothly, your problem may be from broken rollers due to worn bearings over time and your rollers will need replacement. Your tracks will need replacement if they get rusty or if they get hit by your car. The end/bearing plate controls the bar that makes the garage door move up and down. When the end plate bearings wear out and start to make noise, the end plates need replacement. If you have broken springs, we prefer to replace the end plate at the same because a functional end plate helps springs last longer. Cable drums need to be replaced if they get broken or stripped from use. Panel replacement needs to occur if they get rusty or damaged from your vehicle.

Residential Garage Door Opener Repair:

 The most common opener-related repairs are replacing or realigning the sensors, replacing stripped gears and sprockets in the garage door opener. Other typical repairs include replacing circuit boards, motors, limit switches, trolleys, drive chains, drive belts, or brackets. If the circuit board needs replacement, we prefer to change the opener if the opener is old. Some customers need extra remotes or keypads. Typical opener brands include Chamberlain LiftMaster, Sears-Craftsman, Genie, Stanley, and PowerMaster residential openers. You can easily have your opener from these or other manufacturers repaired or replaced.

Residential Garage Door Installation:

We offer free estimates for new garage door installation. We have a wide selection of different brands of doors to suit your needs which you may choose from the links below.